Friday, July 30, 2010

What I am working on now

Here is a look at all i have on my desk this week
five scouts ten Stern guard and a handful of Terminators

Friday, July 23, 2010

Island of Blood: Un-boxed

Island of Blood: Unboxed

The new Warhammer boxed game is awesome! It's by far the best one yet and in my opinion the best box set we've ever released - there's an Elven Prince riding a huge Griffon in it! Please forgive my gushing; I know it's unfair of me to mention it when it's not available for you to order yet, but it's gorgeous and I'm brimming with excitement about it. Not to worry though, rather than rush home with the copy I managed to acquire (see also 'blag') this morning, I thought I'd share the opening of it with you. So without further ado, here's a look at The Island of Blood

Preview of the new Fantasy Box set

Deathwatch RPG: by Fantasy Flight Games

Inter view On D6 Generation pod cast interview of Ross Watson lead designer at fantasy flight games Starts at 59.27 in the show..

Monday, July 19, 2010

W I P Crimson Fists Sternguard

I have been Working on my first non AoBR set of space marines and turning them in to my Sternguard.
I took my time making sure I was happy with the pose before I did the final detail of filling the gaps and seams so here are some pictures of them.
Sternguard Sergeant Ver. 1.0
I did some light modification to his sword arm I cut it in two places. the first cut I made was at the inner shoulder pad on the upper arm and the second
cut I did was on the  armor side of the of the cuff for the wrist. Each par i cut was given the slightest twist to give the feeling of just hacking off a Ork's head and then shooting form the hip at tthe next Ork in line.
Hunting down the next set of victims

This is Sergeant Ver.2.0
I really like how this guy turned out i like the face with the high neck guard not to say my first Ver.1.0is not any good  i just love the way that pose
looks with that head. He looks like he is tearing  threw a horde of green skins holding them off  at the walls of  New Rynn’s City.
On my desk now is my first 5 of 20 scouts more on that one later as I am done assembling them.
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