Monday, April 26, 2010

Berks Spring Assault

Turn out was grate we had 38 competitors  and a full day of games Mike and the Berks Warhammer 40K club
where Awesome.
Here  are some pictures I took of the event.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dead Terminator on his throne


I was reading From The Warp and saw his post on the space hulk commission he was painting and well I fell in love with the look of the terminator on the throne.

I did a quick search and I found a few bought one now I am going to  make one of my own.


I am in the planning stage of this project and I am thinking of removing and or filling all the Blood angel stuff from the model and have it blend in to my army Not to sure if he will be used as a objective marker or have him as a nice show piece.

The other Bits I am  going to work them into a objective marker/s or something not quit sure of them yet

Friday, April 23, 2010

Workshop Update

I have moved in to my new studio/office and it is nice to finally have a place I can paint and create my new company. I am still working on my large workshop and cleaning that out my business classes have taken that time up for now I have found some one that wants to help me and learn with me and has offered to let me use his garage to work in which will help just having some one to do this with make the process a lot of fun.

   Tomorrow is Berks Spring Assault I am so excited and hoping every thing goes smoothly and every one does there there best,let's get this Waaagghhh!!!! started...

   I have been Working on the certificates for the berks spring assault this last week I know that every one should be happy with them, apart of me still wishes I had more time to do more with them to make them even better. But I will have to be happy with them them as there is not a lot of time to do any thing other then I have done to this point.

   My painting and building projects have been suffering more than I had hoped for but I know after all this is said and done I will be able to do more and have more time to do what I want and not be worried about it.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Space Marine Hold that Ground


The other day I was at a friend house learning more of how to play my army I am going to play as a buffer army in a local tournament Berks Spring Assault coming up this Saturday the 24 space is going fast register now.
We played a mission form the new battle mission book 
I do Believe it was mission 56.Marine hold that ground.
Deployment is old school each take turns deploying the defender deploys in a center circle the attacker can deploy from any table edge. 
I played the defenders and he played the attackers it was a fun game for me not only did I get get some laughs in with this game (dirty Sanchez must  die) I started to really pick up the game and learned how to better my list making and testing skills as well
now that I have played three  whole games and feel I have a better feel of the basic rules I am going to fill my Crimson fist chapter list to 2000 points(I know i will add even more in models) then move to Bagronks boy’z and then get them up to 2000

Friday, April 16, 2010

Landspeeder Storm up date.

I have finished painting the faces of the land speeder scouts I am working out how to  magnetize them so they can be put on a base. With my new classes schedule and amount of work I have to do in a short time it is consuming my life, I am sure after another week I will  fall in the rhythm of it but this week has all but stopped me in my tracks .

Scout faces
Scout face1  
scout face 2
scout face 3
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I have started down a new path in life.

Last night I started my fist class for entrepreneurship I am looking to get my  business started over the next few months and have it up by this time next year if not sooner. I will be extremely busy  for the next few months with my classes.
I will try and up date my projects as I work on them next up is my Landspeder storm and its scouts.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tail of four gamers 750 point lists

Crimsonfist virtical banner 

The start of a tail of  four gamers was a slow one for me being new to the hobby thou I knew that this was the route to go for me it would help me focus on getting my painting  done i am behind on my painting from the first month and with each new addition of point at the very least make me work on building army list (trying them all out would be better).
We are on the start of the next month and now  am working on my new list  for 750 points  now going off of my first list I have to add 250 more points to it. this is what I am coming up with.
Space Marines
List one:
Captain  with a power sword   115
Terminator 5 man squad with Sergeant  power sword and 4 power fists    200
Tactical squad 10 man one rocket and one flamer   170
Tactical squad 5 man  90
Scout squad with teleport homer 90
landspeeder storm 50
Rhino   35

Total 750
List two:
Captain  with a power sword    115
Dreadnought with multi melta   105 
Tactical squad 10 man one rocket and one flamer   170
Tactical squad 10 man one rocket and one flamer   170
Scout squad 5 man   75
Landspeeder storm  with multi melta   65
Rhino with hunter killer missile 45

Total  750
List three:
Captain  with a power sword and melta bomb  120
Tactical squad 10 man one rocket and one flamer (Sergeant  melta bomb)    175
Tactical squad 10 man one rocket and one flamer  (Sergeant  melta bomb)   175
Tactical squad 5 man (Sergeant melta bomb)   95
Scout  squad 5 man    75
Landspeeder storm with multi melta    65
Rhino with Hunter killer missile    45

Total  750
That is just a few I have run the numbers on I am still working on more configurations..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tail of four gamers army painting

workshop orig

I am apart of  a ToFG’s we are starting the second  month I have been really slow at completing my first painting challenge started with one chapter and then decided to switch  to the Crimson Fist chapter half way threw the first month.  So here I am with some updates  i have all of my 500 points base coated now and I am working on the small detail
storm data shotgun
That is what I am working on . Next is a squad of Terminators and a Rhino

Friday, April 2, 2010

My new logo

workshop orig I drew this  a month ago I just got around to scanning it in touching it up.