Saturday, January 16, 2010

Space Marines vs. Orks

I have Started to assemble my first army for Warhammer40k
I bought the Assault on Black Reach from GW.
I decided to start off With HQ and work my way down to the grunts alternating form Space Marines to Orks so far the figures have gone together good the dreadnought had some issues when it was being glued so far i am pleased with the plastic models that GW has put out.
I am still working on a paint scheme for both my army's this is not as important right now I still have around 40 more models to
assemble I will be posting pictures soon .
When I am finished assembling and painting I am going to work on my first game board and scenery I am thinking of making it modular in 2'-2' sections and working a grid in to the design of the board but I am still getting my supplies together and working on getting my workshop finshed

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