Thursday, May 27, 2010

Part Two of Model Preparation

Washing the model

So hmmm why Should I wash the model I just got done scraping sanding the thing? Mold release and the oils from your fingers are all over the model you have worked so hard to make look so good why cut this corner now? I know some of you might say I have never had a problem before for.
For me all it takes is one time I that I do not do this step and all my hard work looks like crap be cause the primer didn’t adherer just right.I take all my stuff to the was bin. Use warm soapy water and scrub them with with a soft bush I use a nail brush.(tooth brush is ok)
Then I rinse them off in clean running water and let them dry toughly. You can try to speed this up if you want I put them in layers of paper towels  to draw off the water pat them dry  but will let them sit for some time and check for any water left on them before I start painting.


What brand you use?
Games Workshop (fat)1 logo MainRustOleum top corner logo goast

What Brand of Primer you use isn’t as  important as technique and what type of tip you use. I was taught in auto body class to  start spraying off and stop spraying off of the object you are painting.  Keep each pass the same distance from start to finish no mater the distance you spray from  be it 1” to  1’ as long as it is the same from the start, also do not swing your arm as this will cause your arm to move in a  arc and feather your edges which will cause a uneven coat of paint this will really show up on tank and any large models. Remember a few light coats is better then one heavy coat of paint.

Spray can: Tips or Caps

Some graffiti artist call them caps.
I am new to the whole realm of spray caps but it makes a whole lot of sense to me that they would make different types for different patterns and effects.  So the tip you get on a standard spray can is going to be good for large volume and area. What I have learned about  spray can tips from  The Painting Corps.
Low pressure wide pattern tips Fat Caps are a lot better for control for a even coat compared to other caps I have used.
Games Workshop has  caps that are  fat caps on there spray paint. I fell in love with these tip’s when I use GW’s spray paint the first time a few weeks ago. after running a few test of Krylon’s tip Vs. GW’s the tip pattern at the same distance for each the fat cap in much wider an 1 1/4 for GW and cover more of the model in one pass and does not blast the piece away with high pressure. Krylon was about 1/2 and would blast any small bit to the back of my spray both. I would recommend to any one that has spent the money on GW’s spray paint save that cap it will work on most spray cans and will help with achieving better coats primer. The better the base the better the finish.
I hope this isn’t the worst thing any of you have read ….if you have read any of this?
My thoughts .
I feel the little things you do in the begging make or break the finished look of your model.   Weather or not they are for show or game you should take a little time and not cut corners you will have a beter looking army on the table if you do things to the best of your ability
I know I am well about the most atrocious writer on the planet I am a far better story teller in person .
What I need is a ghost writer or at least some one that knows how to write :P  lol….

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