Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Blood Angels Battle Mission


Surgical Strike is a new free Blood Angels
battle mission download over at GW’s Astronomican.



A quick glance over this mission it looks like it could be fun though it might be similar to surprise attack though with a slight twist.

The objective for the Blood Angels is to kill
the enemy general as quickly as possible
and inflict as much damage on his army.
The objective for his opponent is to protect
his general.

Enemy player starts in a 12” circle in the center of the table placing the army’s HQ first.
Blood Angles play enters from  either long board edge

Special Rules

Precision Timing: Blood Angels units that
have the Descent of Angels special rule
automatically Deep Strike on the first turn

Supreme General: One of the enemy HQ
units (owning player’s choice) must be
nominated as the army’s Supreme General.
The Supreme General is the biggest most fearsome because of this that HQ gains +1 Wounds, Attacks and Leadership
to a maximum of 10 (I am just imagining some HQ like Ghazghkull and the damage that could be done with 10 attacks)
This set up looks like it could be fun.

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