Monday, March 7, 2011

Dark Angles and Orks o My…


I had the opportunity to spend the day with the Lancashire Club this last Saturday and had a great time.

While there I played two games at 1000 points each the first was against a Ork player that was  a very skilled player. By the third round I was tabled his list was one that I would not have expected and he played a really good game. I had fun though and learned a good lesson with my list


The second game was against a army I have fought most of my games against Dark Angels is was a really nice looking army this time I played my list far better and go really lucky and survived tons of fire from a Dark Angel army (albeit not the first time form them) I did play a very conservative game not using my troops to their fullest I did again learn that my list work as how I intended it to.

I had a lot of fun learning a new list I have made as a stand in for Berks Spring Assault II


  1. pesky oks! I keep forgetting to stay away from them and just blast 'em from a distance.

  2. Yeah Mega Nobz and their 2 wounds can do a number on any thing in close combat if the dice go bad on your rolls to wound.

  3. Excellent blog, and that's a beautiful model, but all Dark Angels wear bone coloured armour, as they are, without fail, part of the Deathwing (1st Company). Still lovely though.