Friday, June 18, 2010

On the Work Bench


 What just Arrived in the work shop

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Last week I pick up some goodies for my self first up was a oop Captain Cortez for my Crimson Fists I am not sure if I even want to take him out of the box or not....


The next thing I bought was a the witch hunter codex I really like the models and my wife she is tying to decide what she would like to learn the game with so I thought I would start buying all the codex's for her and me to read so she can get an idea of each one. 


Next on the list I bought was the 3rd edition space marine codex I really bought this one for the rules for Cortez so I could make my version of him to go with my CF army


I bought 3 boxes of Scouts for my fluffy Crimson Fists list I am running I am thinking of getting a fourth box just in case I decide to run 20 scouts


the last thing I got I pre order on the 28 of last moth but arrived this  week  is the really freaking big 20010 Citadel Catalogue man this make a great coffee table book I could spend hours looking at all the models that GW has to offer

Next on my list of models is a full tactical squad to convert to my second Stern guard squad. I am also on the look out for the Daemon Hunters codex and maybe the Imperial Guard codex


 Models I am Working on


Right now I am working on my tactical squad and converting them in to my stern guard. A moth back I bought two of the Crimson fists metal shoulder pads sets from GW and going to put them on my stern guard  I will be getting the deathwatch conversion pack and add a few of them in as well.

I have started on my first Sergeant now I am trying to decide  what load out he going to get. I am having a hard time with this I know I would like him to have the boltgun with the special ammo and giving him a power weapon this will reduce my attacks in close combat. I will ponder this for a a little while longer. I think having the sergeant grabbing two close combat weapons  would look awesome like two power swords….


  Landspeeder Storm

After testing out the Landspeeder Storm a few times I have decided to build that as a display piece (moved to the side) for now. I am happy with my 2,000 point list after I am done assembling  and painting this list I am going to start working on a 2,000 point Ork list. 


  1. That's impressive dedication to get the old codex so that you can update Cortez. Good luck to you on deciding how you want to kit out your Sternguard.

  2. Thanks After reading Rynn's world twice the Crimson fists, Kantor and Cortez just come off as the the most hard core chapter out there...

    I am going to go boltgun power axe on each,I will lose the extra assault attack but hopefully the extra Special ammo shot will help take out more of them be for the assault.Then I will get one attack for each Sargent that ignores armor... a space marine with a one handed power axe I think would look good.

  3. where did you manage to find Cortez?