Monday, June 7, 2010

Spray painting review Fat Caps

 The ones on the left are fat caps the ones on the right a skinny caps

In my model Prep tips part two I talk about fat caps. I bought some sampler pack to try and well I did some quick testing of which cap will work with what brand of paint I use . I had some issues with different caps an brands mostly Rust-oleum but man when you get the right cap with the right brand and it is a whole new ball game laying down primer.

I really like the orange dot left picture top left corner  that is a nice spray pattern  with Krylon and Color place.I am still working with the skinny's if they work on army painters brand of spray primer I will use them to do a lot of base coating

all in all the caps make a difference with the right combination it will lay down the primer really nice.
I haven't had any luck with these caps and Rust-oleum

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