Friday, April 23, 2010

Workshop Update

I have moved in to my new studio/office and it is nice to finally have a place I can paint and create my new company. I am still working on my large workshop and cleaning that out my business classes have taken that time up for now I have found some one that wants to help me and learn with me and has offered to let me use his garage to work in which will help just having some one to do this with make the process a lot of fun.

   Tomorrow is Berks Spring Assault I am so excited and hoping every thing goes smoothly and every one does there there best,let's get this Waaagghhh!!!! started...

   I have been Working on the certificates for the berks spring assault this last week I know that every one should be happy with them, apart of me still wishes I had more time to do more with them to make them even better. But I will have to be happy with them them as there is not a lot of time to do any thing other then I have done to this point.

   My painting and building projects have been suffering more than I had hoped for but I know after all this is said and done I will be able to do more and have more time to do what I want and not be worried about it.

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