Sunday, April 18, 2010

Space Marine Hold that Ground


The other day I was at a friend house learning more of how to play my army I am going to play as a buffer army in a local tournament Berks Spring Assault coming up this Saturday the 24 space is going fast register now.
We played a mission form the new battle mission book 
I do Believe it was mission 56.Marine hold that ground.
Deployment is old school each take turns deploying the defender deploys in a center circle the attacker can deploy from any table edge. 
I played the defenders and he played the attackers it was a fun game for me not only did I get get some laughs in with this game (dirty Sanchez must  die) I started to really pick up the game and learned how to better my list making and testing skills as well
now that I have played three  whole games and feel I have a better feel of the basic rules I am going to fill my Crimson fist chapter list to 2000 points(I know i will add even more in models) then move to Bagronks boy’z and then get them up to 2000

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