Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tail of four gamers army painting

workshop orig

I am apart of  a ToFG’s we are starting the second  month I have been really slow at completing my first painting challenge started with one chapter and then decided to switch  to the Crimson Fist chapter half way threw the first month.  So here I am with some updates  i have all of my 500 points base coated now and I am working on the small detail
storm data shotgun
That is what I am working on . Next is a squad of Terminators and a Rhino


  1. Wish I could paint like you :( I am still a sloppy painter and takes me agggges to paint a basic space marine to a good quality.

  2. Thank you this is my second attempt at painting a miniature. I have read and watched a lot of how to videos.
    I really like Les Bursley work and vids at

  3. Looking good man, think you have a natural talent, considering you're pretty new at this.

  4. thank you that means a lot to me i am thinking a lot of it is reading all the stuff on the net and watching the vids as well