Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gregor Eisenhorn


Tuesday I was at the book store and picked up Dan Abnett’s Eisnhorn i have read the first few chapters and for the second time I am loving  a book written by a 40k author .Ether I am a super fan boy of 40k  books or they have some talented writers,this book will be in my library for a long time.
my next army just might be  a  Inquisitor  style army witch hunter or daemon hunter


  1. The Eisenhorn trilogy is probably the best that Black Library has put out. Ravenor (also by Abnett) comes in a close second.

    By the time you get done with this series you will understand why people choose to play Inquisition.

  2. thank you now I know what me next book to look out for will be. Alex suggested this one and your army inspired me to look closer at the Inquisition