Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vaux’s Crimson Fist 4th company Vs. Eric’s Chaos Slaanesh Army

I played my first real game last night  1,000 point match game type was capture three of four objectives to win.
  I had one objective he had one as well and we where contesting two by the end of turn 5and the dice gods decided that was the last turn.
It was close and it was still any ones game,I had a great time and am looking to play another game real soon while the blood is till fresh on my hands.


  1. It's an addiction. Each game you play that has a higher point value than the last will only fuel your desire to play a bigger game next time. Pretty soon you'll be fielding three Baneblades and a couple of Land Raider formations and still be thinking "I've got to get a Titan".

    Oh yeah, welcome to the insane addiction to plastic!

  2. It could be just 500 point games really it was way to much fun. I did learn a lot like what things I need to write out for a quick reference so I don't have to ask or look up until I memorize my army. but the more I play and the more I roll the dice the fast I will be.