Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tail of Four Gamers

This is a copy of my 500 point army list for the tail of Four Gamers. I entered my space marine army  this is the list (with help from Alex thanks)

This is the list of models I was working from.
army collection
2 captains
3 10 man tactical squads
5 scouts+ one extra sergeant
10 terminators
2 dreadnoughts
1 Land speeder storm
What do you think of  of my first list leave a comment or
e-mail  at


  1. hey, how did you post a picture of your army list, and how do you get those nifty drop reflections?

  2. The picture was taken using acrobat readers tool snap shot and past in to paint or any photo editing program. and the nice reflection are a border option in windows live writer hope that helps scene blog spot doesn't support Pdf files all that well.