Monday, March 29, 2010

Painting Mixing Pots

Picture 6now and then  just sitting there  doing every day normal things like eating breakfast at the local dinner Bam!!
I see some thing and my brain see things in another light.
Eating breakfast at the local dinner fixing up my coffee I empty a creamer in my coffee as I look at the little creamer cup mind goes back to the tattoo's I have gotten and watching them being done … if you haven’t had or seen one being done they have thimble sized cups to put the ink in.  Then my brain rushed me to wasting paint by mixing it on a plastic plate and not having any real way  to cover and or save the paint I  just mix for large batches. I could use empty paint pots or bottles ( new to the hobby don’t have any empty's) .Here is what I came up with the little creamer cups you get at most dinners or restaurants. With that being said I use folk art craft  paints (a dollar for 2 oz) they tend to be thick so they need to be thinned so this make a perfect way to make batches of a color for me little Saran Wrap and it stays good that for a while.

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