Friday, March 5, 2010

Posting tricks.

army list larg1Sample

I was asked by a few  how did I get my army list posted on my blog the way I did and how do you get  the reflections on my images.
both are easy enough to do and I will try to give a how to on each.
The easiest one first
A few post back I talked about Window Live Writer
one of the features is after you insert a picture you have border options one is Reflection I love the look but the picture doesn't show up on the blog list widget not really that big of a deal I guess.
Next one is a little more involved
I was talking to Alex from For Russ and the Allfather and he told me about the Pit of Oni’s  army roster(click Here to download).
It happens to be a PDF file which if you have tried posting up one it not easy and tried a few ways with no luck .
This is where some knowledge of Photo editing helps for a better picture .
I went in to Acrobat Reader under the tools there is a snapshot tool (look like a camera) or just select all and click copy.
Zoom in on the page so you are seeing a close up part of the page (like 200% view)right click select all then copy now you have a image on your clip board. open you program that allows you to edit photos  Like MS paint,Photoshop or what I am using on my pc  now Gimp Shop paste it  into a new doc and adjust the size and over resolution of you picture you can’t do much in MS paint  other then paste into a file.

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