Monday, March 29, 2010

Painting Mixing Pots

Picture 6now and then  just sitting there  doing every day normal things like eating breakfast at the local dinner Bam!!
I see some thing and my brain see things in another light.
Eating breakfast at the local dinner fixing up my coffee I empty a creamer in my coffee as I look at the little creamer cup mind goes back to the tattoo's I have gotten and watching them being done … if you haven’t had or seen one being done they have thimble sized cups to put the ink in.  Then my brain rushed me to wasting paint by mixing it on a plastic plate and not having any real way  to cover and or save the paint I  just mix for large batches. I could use empty paint pots or bottles ( new to the hobby don’t have any empty's) .Here is what I came up with the little creamer cups you get at most dinners or restaurants. With that being said I use folk art craft  paints (a dollar for 2 oz) they tend to be thick so they need to be thinned so this make a perfect way to make batches of a color for me little Saran Wrap and it stays good that for a while.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

On my workbench

What I have on my workbench this week.
Tail of for gamer 500 point list painting still in progress as I have gone from my own chapter to Crimson Fist chapter which has put me behind on finishing that this month. The landspeeder storm is almost finished I am working on the detail painting and how to magnetize the scouts so I can also put them on bases and not look so awful .  I received my Rhino I am starting to  work on that as well.


I have been having issues with getting in to my workshop trying to get insulation  in and working on getting electrical in there as well to power my stuff hopefully I will have all that worked out so I can start building terrain more on that later.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gregor Eisenhorn


Tuesday I was at the book store and picked up Dan Abnett’s Eisnhorn i have read the first few chapters and for the second time I am loving  a book written by a 40k author .Ether I am a super fan boy of 40k  books or they have some talented writers,this book will be in my library for a long time.
my next army just might be  a  Inquisitor  style army witch hunter or daemon hunter

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vaux’s Crimson Fist 4th company Vs. Eric’s Chaos Slaanesh Army

I played my first real game last night  1,000 point match game type was capture three of four objectives to win.
  I had one objective he had one as well and we where contesting two by the end of turn 5and the dice gods decided that was the last turn.
It was close and it was still any ones game,I had a great time and am looking to play another game real soon while the blood is till fresh on my hands.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

White dwarf subscription



Today I decided to pick up a years subscription to White Dwarf.
I have not read threw one yet.
  I have read articles form GW’s web site and I like what's in them so thought I would try them out for the year.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My first time painting a miniature


I am close to having my first  set of miniatures painted  I have a pictures of my  almost finished captain. 
He has some detail work to be done before he will be complete.
  I have done more work on him after this picture but I thought I would share  for now.

What do you think leave a comment or a e-mail  at

Friday, March 5, 2010

Posting tricks.

army list larg1Sample

I was asked by a few  how did I get my army list posted on my blog the way I did and how do you get  the reflections on my images.
both are easy enough to do and I will try to give a how to on each.
The easiest one first
A few post back I talked about Window Live Writer
one of the features is after you insert a picture you have border options one is Reflection I love the look but the picture doesn't show up on the blog list widget not really that big of a deal I guess.
Next one is a little more involved
I was talking to Alex from For Russ and the Allfather and he told me about the Pit of Oni’s  army roster(click Here to download).
It happens to be a PDF file which if you have tried posting up one it not easy and tried a few ways with no luck .
This is where some knowledge of Photo editing helps for a better picture .
I went in to Acrobat Reader under the tools there is a snapshot tool (look like a camera) or just select all and click copy.
Zoom in on the page so you are seeing a close up part of the page (like 200% view)right click select all then copy now you have a image on your clip board. open you program that allows you to edit photos  Like MS paint,Photoshop or what I am using on my pc  now Gimp Shop paste it  into a new doc and adjust the size and over resolution of you picture you can’t do much in MS paint  other then paste into a file.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tail of Four Gamers

This is a copy of my 500 point army list for the tail of Four Gamers. I entered my space marine army  this is the list (with help from Alex thanks)

This is the list of models I was working from.
army collection
2 captains
3 10 man tactical squads
5 scouts+ one extra sergeant
10 terminators
2 dreadnoughts
1 Land speeder storm
What do you think of  of my first list leave a comment or
e-mail  at

Monday, March 1, 2010

Rynn’s World

Last week I was reading  threw some random war gaming blogs and saw a post about this book.  The next day I was in the local book store at the mall and  thought i would check it out. I haven’t read any books about Warhammer 40k so this is my first one and it is great, I am a few chapters in so far and I feel like I am there in the world with the characters feeling,hearing seeing  every thing as it unfolds
If you want a great book to read then pick this book up if you haven’t already.
I would recommend it to any one that like a action packed adventure.